Hello everyone!  Sorry it has been sooooo long since I have updated this blog!  I took some time off to regroup and think things over, trying to decide where I wanted to go with my crafting.  I have enjoyed using so many different companies and products and sharing that with you, but I will admit that over the last few months I have felt a real lack of direction.  Or maybe too many directions at once.  I realized that I wanted and needed to sort of focus a little more on one particular area, my paper crafting, while not neglecting my other crafty loves. 

Things really sort of came to a head for me when my kids headed back to school.  Suddenly I felt at a loss, sort of just wandering through my day without a real focus.  I started thinking back to when I had a better handle on my time, and that made me decide it was time for a change, to go back to my roots as it were, the place where I felt real passion and excitement for papercrafting.

You may or may not know that over about the last 6 years or so I have been a Stampin’ UP! Independent Demonstrator.  In fact, I was a demonstrator about 3 times!  I have also been a consultant for Close to My Heart AND for about five minutes, a Designer for Origami Owl!  If it sounds like I’ve sort of been floundering around, I was!  But the one constant has been SU.  It’s drawn me back time and again and finally I have decided it is where I want to be.  So, long story short (sorry!) I am going back to being an Independent Stampin’ UP! Demonstrator, starting now!  

What does that mean for you, my followers, and for this blog and for my crafting future?  Well basically things will stay the same.  I will still share my crafting with you, my sewing, my quilting, my polymer clay, jewelry, etc., all that will continue.  But I will be adding Stampin’ UP!.  I don’t want this blog to become one big commercial for the company, so I will try not to spam you with ads, etc.  I will let you know when there is a big promotion I think you might be interested in, or when a new catalog comes out.  I will be creating projects of all kinds using SU materials whenever possible and will share links to the products so that you may purchase them if you want.  I will be here if you have any questions or comments, or want to know more.  But I won’t hit you over the head with it, promise! 😉

I do understand that this change of direction might lose me some followers.  I know not everyone wants to follow a blog for a Direct Sell Company, I understand and respect that.  I do hope that most of you will stay and continue to share your crafty talents with me.  I will continue to follow all kinds of blogs, not just SU.  I think there is value, friendship and so much to learn from everyone.  

Thank you for sticking around as long as you have, I am so excited for the future and what it will bring.  Thanks in advance for your patience as this blog undergoes a little bit of re-construction.  

And as always, Happy Crafting and I’ll be back with more crafts soon!!

Beth 🙂

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