Easy Placemat Basket Sewing Project


I love easy sewing projects!  Actually easy ones are the only ones I can do ha ha!  So when I found this project online I went ga ga over it!  This project comes from Lorrie Nunemaker.  She created this super easy, super adorable project using a place mat from the Pioneer Woman Collection (which I lovvvve!)  You can find Lorrie’s blog post on this project by clicking Here  

I decided to give this a go myself!  What follows is my process, or rather Lorrie’s process, I pretty much followed her instructions.  Hope you like it and decide to try one (or more!) for yourself!

PicMonkey Photo

I just bought a quilted placed mat from our local thrift store.   Ideally you want a solid rectangle, but I used one with kind of rounded corners and it still worked fine. 


Fold the place mat in half with the side you want on the inside facing out.  Finger crease firmly (or you can press with your iron).


Pin or clip (I use Wonder Clips they are awesome!) the sides as shown.


Sew along the side as close to the original seam as possible.  Sew all the way down and off your place mat, being sure to use a forward and back-stitch to secure.  Do this on both sides.


Next you want to “box” your corners so your basket will retain it’s shape and sit nicely.  To do this, fold or push the corner in as shown above, lining up the side seam with the center of the basket (this is why you want to press the center at the beginning. ) Try your best to line this up evenly with the center.


I like to use my 3 inch wide ruler to measure up 3 inches from the tip of the seam. You can make your corners as large or as small as you like depending on tall or short you want your basket to be.  3 inches works fine for me for this basket because I know I want it to fit inside a drawer.  For a taller basket, try 4.25, or 4.50, which is a nice size to sit on a shelf and hold taller items.


Using a fabric pen or pencil, draw a line along your ruler as shown above. 


(sorry the dark pic, my lighting is horrible!)  Next, take your basket to the sewing machine and sew along the line you drew.  GO SLOWLY and DO NOT force your fabric through!!  You’ll see why at the bottom of this post!!  Do both corners the same way. (remember to forward and back stich on both ends to secure).


Next trim off the corners as shown about 1/4″ from your seam.  Be care not to get too close to your stitches.   Do this on both corners.


Set your machine to a zig zag stitch and sewing along the cut edge of both corners to secure your ends, forwarding and backstiching to secure each end.  (alternatively if you have a serger you can do it that way)  Again, go very slowly and do not force your fabric through!


Turn your basket right side out, fold over the top edges and you’re done!  Isn’t it cute?  Also makes a nifty hat ha ha!

I made two from matching placements to hold my SU markers.  I don’t really use these much but this way I can store them in a drawer and keep everything tidy.  I might do the same thing for my Copics!


They fit snugly in a drawer with lots of room for extras!  


I made a larger basket from a quilting project gone wrong that I was actually going to toss out.  This was supposed to be a table runner, now it holds my SU stamp sets, LOL  

So that’s it!  Super fun, super easy and doesn’t cost much or take long to make at all.  Be sure to check out Lorrie’s blog post and site, she’s got some awesome ideas over there! 

Ohhhh I almost forgot!  Time for a SAFETY WARNING!  Here is why I kept urging you to go slowly with your sewing machine!


I very nearly became a one-eyed crafter earlier!  Not being the most patient girl in the world, I got a little pushy with my sewing machine.  Suddenly I heard a loud “snap”! and something whizzed past my face.  My needle broke!  I literally felt it BRUSH my eyelashes!  Someone was really watching out for me because I could have been seriously injured.  So really really really be conscious of your actions when using your sewing machine.  If your machine is struggling (and you will be able to tell) then slowwww down and make some adjustments.  Don’t just keep going.  Slow and steady wins the race and saves your eyeballs too!  

Have a great day and sew safe!!!