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Charm Square Quilted Bag From Alanda Craft

You all know I LOVE Miss Alanda from Alanda Craft!  When I saw her video for this adorable quilted bag made with charm squares I knew I had to make one each for my girls!  

I made one for them both but for some reason did not get a finished pic of Maddie’s.  Here is the one I made for Amy:


Isn’t this adorable???  Amy loves it.  It’s funny I told her that she could use it to keep her underwear and jammies in when we went on trips.  Later I went to get her dressed for the day and all her underwear was missing!  I finally found it – in the bag!  Ha ha!  I have to keep reminding myself that kids like to take things LITERALLY!

The bag is super simple to make, I just followed the instructions provided in Alanda’s video which I am posting below.  My only oops came when I forgot to add the fuseable fleece!  Soooo, Amy’s bag is a bit thin, but I am happy to say that it is still holding up strong, even with her stuffing various things into it.

The bag is created using Charm Squares.  If you are not familiar with Charm Squares they are small, about 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 squares of fabric used in quilting.  I got mine from Walmart, I think there were about 23 squares in a pack for under $5.  You can get a bigger selection at Michaels but the price will be higher.  OR you can cut your own squares from your scraps.  I did need to add a few extra squares from my scraps because I didn’t have enough for the project but it worked out fine.  

Here is the layout for creating the bag (this is actually the layout for Maddie’s bag!)


Here is Alanda’s video which shows the entire process.  Now I need to make one for myself!  🙂

Thanks so much to Alanda for her awesome creatiions!